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International success: “Soyuz” Industrial group in Sylva Wood 2017 Fair in Shanghai

Successfully fulfilling the development strategy and conquering new sales markets, Soyuz Industrial group took part in the recurrent Fair Sylva Wood 2017 which took place in Shanghai from June 26th to June 28th.

The exposition had been deployed in the frames of the combined booth of the Russian manufacturers of lumber, wooden boards and wooden boards-based items in accordance with a promotion program of Timber Industrial complex of Russian Federation and realized by Ministry on Industry and Trade of Russian Federation.

Timber wood of “Soyuz” Industrial group production had been already positively proven in the Chinese market, met expected interest of the visitors. Wide range of goods, excellent quality, correspondence to the International standards of quality and ecological norms assist to the brand's popularity and goods demand both in the Russian market and far beyond its borders.

Hard boards, MDF, laminate-covered MDF and humidity resistant MDF of “Soyuz” Industrial group production had been also esteemed highest marks of the field professionals. Particular interest had been caused by humidity resistant MDF boards. Besides of their excellent humidity values, the highest quality of its and other kinds of board production implementation had been noted. Board production of the holding distinguished by its outstanding operational characteristics, that justifiably ensures competitiveness in international inter alia in the Asian market.

New working-out in the area of furniture components, R2 Line kitchen-top, didn't remain without attention as well. Due to the excellent shapes, individuality, aesthetics and European quality, a novelty by “Soyuz” Industrial group had been esteemed as a standard of a modern kitchen-top.

Extension of the influence geography abroad is a logical step in a progressive development of the holding of “Soyuz” Industrial group's magnitude. High quality of raw materials, every step controlling of the manufacturing, using of the modern technologies, the highest level of implementation and competitive prices are internal features of all holding's enterprises, thanks to them a success is being provided in both Russian and international markets now and in the future.

In the future “Soyuz” Industrial group is planning to take part in the promotion program of Timber Industrial complex of Russian Federation and realized by Ministry on Industry and Trade of Russian Federation and getting ready to take part in other significant international fairs.

“Soyuz” Industrial group would like to thank arrangers and visitors of Sylva Wood 2017 Fair for the warm receipt and an excellent opportunity to confirm the status of leader in international market in several areas simultaneously, starting from timber wood to furniture components.