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Production modernization of year 2017

In the frames of fulfillment of the concept of technologies' improvement and production's development modernization of a number of production processes of the “Lesplitinvest” sawmill had been successfully completed in the first part of year 2017. 

Moistspy by FinScan (Finland), a system of humidity measurement had been put into operation. It allowed to increase the capacity of the combined production line of sorting-out of lumber materials due to the submission of raw and dry materials in time. Thanks to the using of the contact less method of humidity measurement, quality control of the ready production had been brought to the principally new level. Thanks to the Moistspy system a possibility of getting lumber with increased level of humidity of the final stage of production is equal to 0%.
Two new drying chambers of KATRES company (Chech republic) had been put into operation as well. It provided the extension of drying capacity up to 1900 m3 by simultaneous loading of both chambers.

Thanks to the putting into operation humidity measurement system and two additional drying chambers annual production program of sawmill complex had been increased:
- sawing up to 300 000 m3;
- drying up to 140 000 m3;
- ready production output up to 128 000 m3