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Launching of the production of water resistant MDF amd laminate-coated MDF

In accordance with the plans of production development an extension of range of “Lesplitinvest” board materials by water-resistant MDF and laminate-coated MDF had been fulfilled. Our materials are perfect for using in the room spaces with a higher level of humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and also for floors covering.

Using of modern technologies by production and high technological equipment guarantees the highest quality of goods and long-term long life.

Sizes of produced water-resistant MDF and laminate coated MDF are absolutely Identical to the ordinary boards:
water resistant MDF, main size (mm): 2440х1830
water resistant MDF, additional size (mm): 2070х1830, 2250х1830, 2150х1830, 2150х1650,2800х1220, 2440х1220
water resistant laminate-coated MDF, main size (mm): 2800х1220, 2440х1830.
water resistant laminate-coated MDF, additional size (mm): : 2070х1830, 2250х1830, 2150х1830, 2440х1220, 2150х1650.
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