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Seminar "Symphony of shape and color: sight in a future": totals

From June 13 to 15 “Soyuz” Industrial group led dealers seminar “Symphony of shape and color: sight in a future”. For 3 days we collected professionals of furniture and boards industry to summarize the results once again, to designate the prospects, to discuss the strategies of the further development and to improve the efficiency of joint work.
Comprehensive approach had become a distinctive feature of the event, all the manufacturing and sales enterprises of “Soyuz” Industrial group took joint part in it for the first time.
New format gave possibility to the partners to get an idea about dimensions of the biggest woodworking holding, to get acquaintance with its coverage area, to get to know about successful projects having realized in practice and to share the regional experience.

Customers of all the holding's departments took part in the intense program of the seminar, among of them there were owners, top-managers, engineers and technologists from 70 companies of Russian Federation and CIS, from Murmansk to Vladivostok.

Main business and entertaining events as well as festival rewarding of the participants took place in Peterhof, in the place of guests' residence, in close vicinity from the picturesque palace and park ensemble.
To see firsthand that capital of fountains, justly got its nickname “Russian Versailles”, the participants of the seminar visited park, full of exquisite small architectural forms and admired famous ensemble of 3 cascades and 150 fountains. By that tour service was not completed. Besides of the walk along suburban residence of the Russian tsars, guests had been suggested very professional event, a trip to production site of “Soyuz” Industrial group. Production site's staff showed equipment and manufacturing processes in frames of the technical excursion along the departments of the production site.

Central part of the business part of the event had been given to the official conference. Directors and top managers of “Soyuz” Industrial group being the speakers of the conference told about a state of the market of furniture components and wooden boards, strategy of the development and commercial interaction with the partners and led the presentations of the new collections.

Not to be unsubstantiated, large scale interactive exposition demonstrating the novelties of the widest range of “Soyuz” Industrial group had been presented to the participants:

- high-quality hard boards, MDF - boards, laminate-coated MDF, including water-resistant, a sample of the domestic boards production and reliable foundation, a base for production of furniture components of “Soyuz” Industrial group;

“Alleanza” furniture facade system, an excellent sample of embodiment of graceful forms in functional and quality fulfillment;

“Soyuz” furniture moldings, elegant, checked up to mm perfect forms in a wide range, a sample of import substitution by a quality production by affordable prices;

“Soyuz” kitchen-top, quintessence of all the best that can be suggested by modern production of furniture components, particular R2 Line kitchen-tops, principally new for the Russian market working-out, quintessence of innovations, beauty and quality. 

Composition had been completed by spectacular installation, showing an evolution of the furniture components of “Soyuz” Industrial group from raw materials to masterpieces of the modern furniture field.

Guests of the seminar got an unique possibility not only to estimate “Soyuz” Industrial group's production visually, but to ensure in its quality by practice. For this purpose offside mini laboratory had been organized directly in the conference, the production samples of “Soyuz” Industrial group and its competitors had been exposed by different tests there, such as abrasion, endurance etc. Comparative study showed outstanding functional characteristics of our components and their competitive advantages.

New collections of decors had been demonstrated to the guests not only as the samples of production, but also by very nontraditional way. A designer, Tatyana Perova, using such materials for furniture components production as paper and laminate created especially for “Soyuz” Industrial group an incredible clothing collection, named “Soyuz prestige” . 

Unprecedented fashion show had a real splash and also demonstrated an attitude of “Soyuz” Industrial group to its own production. Production is not an applicable scope for us, which task is a creation of the practical things. It's always a particular, creative approach, which allows to create real masterpieces , and in combination with gained experience and own raw materials allows to hold the leadership in the furniture market for a long while.
However there is one more aspect of “Soyuz” Industrial group's success, it's a right choice of business partners. We thank everybody who has been moving and developing in collaboration with us and all of those who joined us, for the fruitful cooperation, for the trust shown, and for helping us to become better day to day.